Who We Are

Many individuals and organizations have assisted Seattle ARCH efforts.  Core members of Seattle ARCH include Priscilla Arsove, Kenan Block, Allan Davis, Rainer Metzger, Anna Rudd and Allan Seidenverg.  We can be reached at seattlefreewayrevolt@gmail.com.

10 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. How wonderful that this documentation labor of love is being undertaken by these dedicated souls.
    My mother, Margaret C. Tunks was very active in this cause over a long period. She especially enjoyed working with all the young people who joined the volunteer ranks.


  2. I remember your mother as an early activist while I was on the steering committee against R H Thompson, and I was also executive director of Citizens’ Planning Council at that time. I had worked for Robert J Block when Kenan was a youngster. All great memories. Thanks for your efforts on this Tim Tunks.
    Best regards,
    Kae Eyre


  3. This is a wonderful project. It will be nice to see the highway finally gone, with just a small reminder left behind as a salute to the activists who fought the project. It is just a shame that it has taken 50 years to finally demolish the phantom highway and restore the area.
    I am a Seattle native, and as a high school and college student I remember the fight against the RH Thompson Expressway. (And Later took a few dives off of the abandon roadway.) I now live in Roxbury in Boston a few blocks from what could be considered a sister project of a massive highway through a minority neighborhood. the community successfully defeated that project as well but not before a few neighborhoods were bulldozed. The route is now subway line and bike and walking path.


  4. In the late 1960s and early 1970s I was active in community affairs, including holding he presidency of the Mt. Baker Community Club and later presidency of the Central Seattle Community Council Federation. I was among many who worked to “open” Mt. Baker to residents of all backgrounds and testified before the Seattle City Council and other bodies in opposition to the State Highway’s proposed Mt. Baker “Cut,” which would have displaced about 1200 homes on today’s scenic and picturesque Mt. Baker Ridge (tunnels were eventually built to move east-west traffic with the proviso that car-pool and public transport lanes be established).

    Junius Rochester


  5. How do Seattle residents support this project and help make it happen? I love the idea of retaining some of the old 520 as a monument and want to help make this a reality. Who do we write letters to in support of this idea?

    Thank you!


    1. Hello Michael, we’re pleased to report that the monument has been incorporated into the plans for reconstruction of SR 520 and is expected to come to fruition when that projected is completed in 2028.


  6. What a great example of citizen activism, with the ARCH group carrying on from an earlier generation of activists who saved Seattle from this disastrous scheme! Inspiring!


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