About Seattle ARCH

Seattle ARCH (Activists Remembered, Celebrated, and Honored) is an ad hoc group dedicated to preserving the history of Seattle’s Freeway Revolt.  Legions of citizens across the city worked to save neighborhoods, parks and waterfront from decimation by freeways, exemplifying the power of ordinary citizens to change public policy and shape the environment in which they live.

The mission of Seattle ARCH is to preserve this inspiring history and make it accessible to current and future generations.  Our efforts span outreach, historical research, fundraising, media relations, public speaking and more. Initiatives include:

  • Advocating for creation of a “Ramps to Nowhere” historic site to pay tribute to Seattle’s long-standing tradition of environmental and social justice activism.
  • Developing extensive historical resource materials, including “Seattle’s Freeway Revolt: A Directory of Historical Resources,“ funded by a grant from 4Culture/King Lodging Tax Fund, and “The Seattle Freeway Revolt Activists Collection,’’ an assemblage of original materials from the files of former activists.
  • Collaborating with award-winning filmmaker Minda Martin to produce two documentary films on Seattle’s Freeway Revolt, 30- and 60-minutes long.

Seattle ARCH is powered by Shunpike. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency, Shunpike provides independent arts groups in Washington State with the services, resources, and opportunities they need to forge their own paths to sustainable success.

Proposed RH Thomson Interchange at Evergreen Point Bridge, as published in The Argus, June 2, 1961